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Route Overview

The route for this 30-mile walk (estimated between 27-28 miles) starts at Exchange Place, outsde the PATH station. It continues along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, a nearly complete wide pedestrian walkway that continues northward for 15 miles along the Hudson. The walk meanders in and out of coves built around building and piers that extend into the river. While it adds to the mileage, its a pleasant experience. In Weehawkin, the walkway tends to continue in a more straight-forward direction until sections in Edgewater.

The Walkway breaks in a few small sections once in Edgewater where you must walk along sidewalk on River Road. There are Walkway signs through most of these breaks. Just stay to the left of River Road, follow the river as close as possible and pick up on the Walkway trail signs. The one trouble spot is about a mile from the bridge where back on River Road, its best cross over to the west side of the road where there is adequate sidewalk.

You can easily see the pedestrian access to the bridge by following the cyclist coming to and from the bridge on the upper deck. The bridge is a little over a mile long and offers a fantastic panorama view of the Hudson and the city skylines. Once over the bridge continue to walking toward the George Washington Bus Terminal by following the street map.