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Prepare for the Heat

on Thu, 06/07/2012 - 03:12

This time of the year expect temps to be low/mid 80s. The heat requires some thought for dress, sun protection and hydration.

  1. Make sure you use sunscreen. Most of the walk will be in the open and you will be exposed to many hours of sun. Expect to re-apply mid-day.
  2. Wear a hat. Minimal is a baseball hat or hat with a brim.
  3. Carry two water bottles. Normally we recommend one bottle of 16oz or greater. For this walk we suggest two bottles. Freeze 3/4 filled water bottles night before to be sure they are cold. There wil be some opportunity to buy water but opportunities vary along the way.
  4. Dress light and with light layers. If its cool in the morning, wear some thin shell or long sleve shirt that can be change to short later. Shorts will probably be best with this forecast.
  5. Salt - there is a lot of controversy about salt these days. But there is no argument you need some salt in a hot day to deal with sweat and proper hydration. Lack of salt can lead to dehydration. Sports drinks, such as Gatorade provide some of the needed electrolytes.
  6. Remember: this is not a race! The event is timed to be a fairly comfortable pace. Think of keeping a pace like you would walk on a busy city street. There really is no time limit.
  7. Don't walk alone - (unless you want to) - there's nothing wrong with walking alone - in fact its a fine thing to do at certain times. But for this event having someone to talk to and listen to makes A BIG DIFFERENCE in getting the job done.You will go farther and probably faster if you match up with another curious walker.