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Points of Interest

on Fri, 06/08/2012 - 23:40

This is just a checklist of the many things to keep an eye out for on the walk (updated 5/29/13). You will probably discover others - let us know what to add to the list:

·         Newport piers and buildings

·         Downtown NYC skyline from Jersey City

·         Old Hoboken Terminal & Ferry Building

·         Midtown NYC Skyline from Wehawken

·         Detour to Palisaides and Hamilton Monument

·         Mitsuwa Japanse Market (Edgewater)

·         Edgewater Parrots and Nests

·         Old Bighamton Ferry (may be sunk by now)

·         Burdett’s  Landing (unique colony of houses with Views near base of GWBridge

·         Views from the George Washington Bridge

·         Little Red Lighthouse under GWB – NYC side

·         Fairway Market (The original store @ 133 rd st right off the trail - and restroom stop)

·         Grant's Tomb (122 nd St - a couple blocks away)

·         Boat Basin (79th St.)

·         Intrepid Carrier Museum – the Enterprise just arrived! (46th St.)

·         High Line (30th and below)

·         Woodrows' 43 Murray St - final FreeWalkers refueling stop couple blocks from tthe WTC.

·         World Trade Center - new Freedom Towers